A small handmade box for my small tech stuff

Every time I commute to work, some of my tech have to go with me. I often travel light so besides my laptop and it’s charger, there’s not much stuff but they are small and tend to tangle up at the bottom of my bag.

Below you can see some of my normal on-the-move stuff: My bluetooth mouse, my phone’s earbuds, the dell’s universal adapter to connect my laptop with the old projector at work, micro-usb cable to charge my phone, retractable Ethernet cable and an adapter for the laptop’s power plug.


After a long while having them jingling in my bag, I finally decide to step up and be more organized with them. First it will take an old gift box. I don’t even remembered what gift was in that box, but I just have a habit to kill nice box. Still, All those years with its ribbon ripped off and being left to collect dust have but a toll on the classy box


Now it’s time to add some divider in the box. I don’t have any paperboard at hand so I decide to finally put some old  CD drivers (who neec CD drivers nowadays) to rest and reduce  them to some plastic board. It was hard to cut up CD using small scissor but I finally got it done, throwing in some more duct tape, meassurment and adjustment I got this:


You can clearly see the hole of the CD divider, now it’s time to put the stuff back in the box. And viola:IMG_20160625_114129



2 responses to “A small handmade box for my small tech stuff”

  1. Keep training us AI!!!
    We need you!!!

  2. I personally hate that battered gift-box-in-disguise. I was very excited when I saw you put it on table in one class because I thought my lecturer was going to give us something as a gift. He opened it calmly and you know, I saw a wireless mouse.