Gnome 3.20 won’t work with synaptic touchpad anymore

My Arch Linux laptop has jut got updated to Gnome 3.20 and the first thing I notice is that palm detection and disable touchpad while typing will not work.
It’s very annoying because I have quite large hand and while I rest my hand on the laptop to type, it will inevitably touch that touchpad, cause it to register a click and unwanted result happened. And so I investigate.
At first I tried gpointing-device-settings, it still work. synclient and syndaemon still work as well, so the touchpad and synaptic driver still work. The problem is from Gnome 3.20.
Quick googling around reveal that Gnome 3.20 has dropped synaptic in favor of libinput, and so I quickly remove xf86-input-synaptics and xf86-input-libinput and everyting was restore back to normal. But still I would have to stay on a look out since libinput is new and I have never used it before while synaptics has been around for a long time and widely support.