What have I done last year?

Last year was a special in my chronicle. Last year I enter the university. It means so much to me. Three years ago, when I failed to enter a public high school, doom had covered my life. I was so afraid for my future, what would happen to me? Could I get into a university? How my future would be? What would I be? Those questions had dangled in front of me for three long years! All that time, my goal was simple: University!!!!

And last summer! I finally got into University of Information Technology. Joy! A lot of joy! This was the happiest moment in my life up to now. The failure at high school has been a long forgotten memory, I am a university student now.

But besides that? what else have I achived? NOTHING! On the paper, I am a university students, but I feel that I myself was nothing more than a so so high school student! I'm still so lazy, and not mature enough, not good enough. My knowledge is still so humble, compare to other classmate, my skill is still not good as usual. And in a near future, if I manage to graduate from this university? Will I be able to get a job? What will happen to my future? What will I be? These questions are dangling in front of me again.

Nevertheless, last year was a great year. Here, at the university I got a lot of new kind friend. Only in the university I can find the joy when going to school. While I was at high school I came to school just because it was my duty. And in the university I find "that ONE". To her I have a very special feeling. Her heart was so well fortified, but I shall try, no matter what.