Now, we have gone one third of the test season. Half of the hardest subject is now finished. But relaxing is not the luxury we have. This day has been dedicated for coding. I starting the day by getting up early and take the bus to central library, where my groups gathered and code together (just for praticing and enhancing our skills, nothing like researching has taken place).
When I get to the lib, I got some "boost" when I spotted "that ONE" 🙂 🙂 :). Our talk was all about C programing language, but it was so happy just sitting there and helping her.
I then entered the lib and coded at a speed that amazed myself :D. But after a whole day coding, we were all exhausted when we got out of the lib. I came home, coding a little bit, bit the code is getting more and more boring, and "that ONE" is not online tonight. Other classmates are so strangely passive tonight.
And that's all for today, I am so tired right now to write anything else. 😀
Silly topic huh? It is!