Some feelings.

This post will be in English, as I want to limit the number of people can read it. I haven't used this method for a long time, and now, it is used again.

When I was just a little boy, my father often ask me who do I love more? Him or my mother. That was sorts of very dumb question, they disturb me a lot. They are my parents, I don't want to make any comparison between them, but my father keeping asking it for a while. And more often I reply that I love them equally. But more or less, I started compare my mom and dad, who is better?? And the more I compare, the more I found that mom is superior.

He is a loving dad but not a caring one. Contradict to mom, he doesn't pay much attention to my feeling. In the early day of my childhood I regularly got a flu and throat-ache. I had a fever every two weeks go to the hospital every three months. Mom was the one who stayed up late and take care of me. My family has never afford for a nany and mom had to take me to work eventhought her boss don't like it. Dady never do that

When I went to school, it's mom who held my hand and walked with me all the way. Dad, on the other hand, doesn't remember my teacher's name and sometimes forget what grade I am in. And so I can only share with mom my progress at school, I am tired of talking with dad about school, he doesn't understand a thing. When talking with realtives dad often exaggerate my result, it makes me shy but he doesn't care.

To other women, dad is galant. To mom, he is not. When we had a guest, he try to be the most powerful man in the family. He commanded everyone, and I remembered he beating me when I didn't obey. That was suck! While mom is modest, he often show off. When mom is saving up bit by bit, he seldom have any big deal of money because he waste them right away. He never think of the far future. He is the one who insist on buying he fridge but it's mom and I who make the energy saving plan. He bought a cell phone while he don't have enough money to make a call with it and he often left it home.

And the worst of all things is that he drink a lot. When he is drunk he is not himself, he look like a crazy man. He is more violent and uncontrollable. I have to thank god that he had a gout now. Because it's the only thing that can stop him from drinking.

Over all, I am afraid of the idea that I take after my father. I don't want to be a man like him. I don't want to follow his footstep. No one is perfect, these are the disadvantage of my father that I can pull out from my memory right now. I hope I won't repeat it.

OK! That's all for to night! I'm so sleepy right now. May be another time I will write something 'bout my mom.