Dust blowing.

Yeah, my blog is collecting dust, and this post is meant to blow some dust away to keep the blog from vanishing.
I can't hardly remember the last time I posted something non-technical on this blog, I was burdened with too much emotions and feelings so that I'm lazy to share them all. Back to the late September, 2008, when I decided to stop and re-consider everything, I've realized how bad I was in many things. Being the youngest child, and, in another point-of-view, can be consider the only child, I've grown up with my selfish, dictatorial character. I knew that, I tried to fix that, I thought I had fixed it successfully.
But… wrong!!! Four month to look back on how I has been acting, I knew I had spoiled everything. She was right, in everything, it's hard to admit that, but she was right.
The result in Object Oriented programming is available now, she has done well without my help. Yeah, I and my self-centered character can go to hell, she can be on her own. Now what I have to do is accept the fact, try to change my character in prepare for the future.
Can I do that, can I not?