viết chi đây.

So, It has been a while since my last post here. The truth is I don't have any inspiration to write anything. My writing skill is going down, both Vietnamese and English. I don't know if it was because learning, anyway, this entry would be one of my desperate attemps to stall the progress, no little secrets as usual 🙂
Thing is fine recently, not thing gone bad, but there's nothing good. My USB stick broken down, I my computer hasn't been clean up for… decade. But the root of all problems is I start seeing the future so dull, just like the bad old day in high school. What will happen next, what will that semester be, what will that month be, what will tomorrow be? I don not know, I cannot know. Is it true that I am losing my target, I'm wandering day after day without destination. For I cannot make up my simplest short term aim: what faculty will I choose?
For my little secret thing, what will it be? What should I do? Go on or give up? I defenitely don't want to give up. Go on? HOW? I'm so happy that it hasn't gone bad recently, but I have no idea 'bout how to make it better. For every move I make, every word I speak, I fear thing may be messed up. STRESS, NOOB!!!