Teacher vs Me, the first clash.

Nhằm tránh sự truy sát của phe bên kia, mọi việc đã được dịch sang tiếng Anh.

Yesterday, noon, 2 minutes after he come in, I'm in.
He: You are late, why?
I: My clock 's gone wrong sir. (indeed, I've thought it was today and I don't have to go to school but… :D)
He: It's not believable. Your notebook?
I: Here sir
He: Have you finish your homework?
I: Yes sir, it's in the notebook?
He: Go on the board, draw the structure of glucose.
I take a chalk and draw, He point at another students:
He: What did that guys wrote? I didn't told you to wrote like that. You, give me your notebook?
He stare at me: What the hell did you wrote, where did you get them.
I: In the textbook sir?
He: Textbook??? Who do you think you are? How can a guy like you can understand such things in textbook??? If you don't obey my command, you can go home.
I: (silent, một điều nhịn chín điều lành, nhịn đi, ghi sổ)
He: Tear out these page, rewrote it right now!! Go!!
I: (what a fucking day)
He: You think you are a doctor?? Even me can't understand those in these books, how can you??
He: The only place for a pupil who disobey his teacher is home!! You mustn't go here if you think you were that good!!
I: (Damn!! Damn!! Damn!!)

Later the punishments was 50 times squat. The only things I can say is DAMN IT