It’s in English, again!!

The hardest term ever since I set foot in this university. Twenty-two credits in six classes, I was almost drowned in projects, assignments, and exercises. Too much coding has dragged down my writing and natural language skills considerably. But now I'm in need of writing skills once more time!!
(Well, to be frankly, this skill is required for the paper that go along with those projects and assignments. Don't let your mind take an image of me playing with words and do some art-ish things!! Art is just not for me).

OK!! Enough complaining. Let's be a little bit more talkative: This semester is one of the most exciting semesters. I once again felt the eagerness that was soon lost after the first terms. I've quite a few cool achievements (most of them came out of luck, though). It's actually a very nice terms (at least before all the deadline due).

But what is below the water line of the iceberg is more important.
The first thing is a big WHY: WHY can't I muster all these eagerness and energy at the time I need them most? WHY do they always come after a some big changes.
Secondly: WHAT IF luck didn't shine upon me in the early stage of this term? What if the new class had turned out to be terrible?
Lastly: When I was graduate (there's always a possibility of disastrous event – but I think it's acceptable to look-ahead for that day), what will I be then? Can I cope with all the hardness, toughness, all the weights of responsibility and expectation, all the cruelty and rough of the… world.