That was tough. When something long seemed to be ok turn bad and became worse in the very last minutes, the world seem to turned up side down. Everything is reasonable, everything is understandable. It's just that the bad had been compressed for a time too long that when it's leaked, it busted out so fast for me to handle.

Too much self confident plus too much reliance on other people plus too much underestimating of the hard work life will throw. All those stuff together will leave you just steps away from oblivion.

You are not as good as guessing other people's altitude as you thought you were. Face it! you are growing up, things is not what it seems to be. No one will be there to help you out when you are down. Life is tough! Stand up, sit down, lying flat or any other posture, it will fuck you. It's your rights to choose the position.

The lowest 8, this will be hard to swallow.