Hello my blog. Just me and you. You have been with me for almost a year, and you are the only one that I can share my thought comfortably.
Today is tearcher's Day, blog. And I haven't seen my master yet. My high school celebrated that day yesterday, but I haven't came. I was informed the abnormal time for that celebration but I didn't take it serious. And now what? I have a painfully boring day when all my classmate has arranged a time to see their master, I have no where to go.
I miss Mr. Hậu so much, how bad I want to see him again, there's a lot of things I want to share with him, but now …
This year is rough, blog. Thing is different from the high school old days. In this new class, I'm no longer the special one, I am a loser. I am lazy, I am shy, I have difficulties to build up some real friend ship. My classmate vastly superior to me. They gather from many province, smart, shining, active.
It's a really rough time. There're some subjects that I don't think I can pass, there're some projects that I don't think I can do, there were some goals that now seem to be so high.

What will happen to me the next day? Will it better, will it worse? I am so frustated right now.