It has been so long since the last time I wrote something with emotion in my blog, just some reports, some simle tricks and that's all.
A lot of things had happened lately, many many things, and they greatly affected me. Some even made me exhausted. I have finished the first terms with good result, My friends and I participated in many small contests (mostly for the prize, not the knowledge) and won one.In general my studying went fine, but my victory disease is coming back and worse than before. Now I have to remind myself about the horrible effect of victory disease. It had sent me to a so called "low-quality" high school, went I have to struggle a lot to get out, and I fear that the history will repeat. Can I do well in the current term? And many terms after? And would I be able to get a good job after graduate??
Besides, one of my teacher chose me to aid him in some stuffs, which I doubt, above my current level. He was so kind, and if it happend that I cannot worth what he expect from me, it would be a lot of shame and guilt. Did he over estimate me? Am I really incapable? Or Haven't I tried hard enough?
And about "that ONE" stuff!! There's one IT terms that best described the situation "DEAD LOCK". I have had to run back up. But can the system be as stable as before? Can it continue to function?????????

So many question!! What answer will I get this term?