Try out KDE5 on archlinux

So, my btrfs partition has just corrupted some how and I have to do a reinstall. Bye bye my four  years old arch, so I thought it was a good chance to try something new.

The first impression is not good. My Broadcom ethernet, which was doing OK previously is now trouble some and require some trick to work

# modprobe -r tg3
# modprobe broadcom
# modprobe tg3

And eventhough I can get it to work in the live USB, it won’t work in my installation and I have no idea  yet.

The KDE package is funny, for  some reason, there’s no KDE5:

The KDE project has changed the way it names and organizes itself since KDE4. In effect there is no ‘KDE5’. The project is now split into different sections with their own names, version numbering and development cycles including for example: Frameworks (KDE libraries), Plasma (the workspace) and Applications (that use KDE libraries).

So now one will have to install the full KDE4 stack, then remove ~100MiB worth of package

pacman -Rc kdebase-workspace

Before finally install KDE plasma 5

pacman -Syu plasma-meta

The plasma 5 recommend sddm, a new display manager which was nice in fact. However it’s funny that neither kde nor sddm is depend on xorg-server. It’s absurd, imho, how can a desktop environment run with out X?? I was very frustrating to find out that my freshly installed KDE cannot start just because I didn’t explicitly install X myself.

Moreover, KDE5 also change the systray in some way that I can get neither dropbox nor ibus to show their systray icon.

However on the upside, KDEPim is much more than the last time I tried them out so I may keep KDE for the time being.