What a day!! But at least I can find some joy 😀

I started the day with the alarm clock ringing. Turned it off and went back to sleep but some minutes later I woke up and prepare myself. I have no class this morning, thus I can come late. But I don't want to, I'm afraid I won't be able tho see "that ONE". I was in hurry that I didn't eat much for the breakfast (later, this turn out to be a mistake, I may not make this same mistake again).
At school, things went on just as it should be, which means good, not excellent but good, and that is just what I need, though it was not what I hope. There was some fun in the class, and the most joyful thing is to watch "that ONE", just watch, nothing more, I don't dare to push it further, I was too shy and scare, my poor soul.
At the end of the class, things become worse. I ate so little that I was starving at that time. I drag my foot toward the bus stop, run like a crazy man to catch the bus. And later the driver tell me he has been informed that in order to secure the Đức Bà church for the X-Mas, the road has been blocked and the bus would have dropped us far away from the station. And what does it means if you asked? More walking with that empty stomach. But worst of all. When I am on my way walking, I found that the road was clear!!! The blockade has been brought in place but they hadn't set it up yet. I has walked while I didn't really have to.

But in general, that day was enjoyable, thanks to the present of "that ONE" in the class 😀