Mr. teacher is so fastidious.

Bài post được viết bằng tiếng Anh để tránh sự truy kích của "phe bên kia" như thường lệ:

Today, "Mr. Math" checked if the whole class has done the homework as usual. Indeed, he hadn't give us the homework but he ask us to go to another class to get the homework and finish it at home. We hadn't gone and so hadn't got the homework and hadn't finish it of course. He was filled with anger. He stop teaching new lesson and give us 5 new homeworks. Then he ask a random student one stupid question about the lesson that had been taught months ago. After 3 student (include me) failed to give the perfect answer he was completely out of control. He annouced that there would be no more teaching if any of us failed this damn quick test. Anyone feel uncomfortable about this can stay at home. He said he didn't want to teach student who disobey him.

Mother fucker.