mMFCa. My mom fried chicken ass.

mMFCa. My mom fried chicken ass.
Many people don't eat chicken ass. They think it's dirty. It's said that if you eat chicken ass you will become a dumb-ass. Therefore many restaurant don't serve chicken ass, they cut the asses off every chickens stuff those in the fridge for dumping later. A neighbor of mom's worked in a restaurant. Every once in a while, she took home a lot of chicken ass more than her family can eat. She is more than willing to share those asses to other but not many neighbors were willing to take it. And so, a great deal of asses end up in my house. Not everyone in my house is fond of ass eating but to buy an equal amount of meat is costly, especially with my family financial situation at that period of time. And so, those asses sure came in handy, they were an kindness that we appreciate very much. But to cook them is not easy, mom had clean each and every one piece of them, every spit and span. They are asses after all, you know. She then soak them in a special mixture of spice and stuff to suppress the smell enhance the taste and hot fried them. That special treat cost her roughly two hours to prepare. No one was there to help, I was just a boy, didn't like and didn't know cooking.

When that meal was ready she always found some reason to refuse them. It could be either "today is my vegetarian day", "That fat ass is not good for old people's health", or just simply: "I don't like chicken ass".

this story happened quite a long time ago, 10 years or more I cannot remember.