Install commafeed on your server

This was easier than I thought. Commafeed is a Google Reader inspired self-hosted RSS reader, based on JAX-RS, Wicket and AngularJS. It was very nice feed reader, fast, sleek look and more over can be run on your own server. The read me on pretty much say it all.

First you need maven build. If you are using gentoo (like me) a simple


will do.

Then you download commafeed from githup:

git clone 
cd commafeed

Now you build it, it support many database backend, refer to the read me for more details. If you use mysql or mariadb (like me) then build it with this command:

mvn clean package tomee:build -Pprod -Pmysql

My first time build wsa slow as hell because maven had to download some additional library or something. But it will be much faster when you update commafeed. When building finished, you can install commafeed anywhere you want. Simply unzip the file


in the source code directory to the installation destination. eg:

mkdir /opt/commafeed/
cd /opt/commafeed/
unzip ~/commafeed/target/

Some final configuration in the installation directory is required before launching:

mkdir logs
vim conf/tomee.xml

This will create logs directory and open up the database connection file. Edit it to your taste and save. Then you can launch:


You will now see commafeed running at localhost:8082/commafeed